Our products

Due to our extensive worldwide network and experience, we can offer a wide range of premium products from stock and can source the goods you are looking for. Some of the items we trade in are, packaged foods, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies.


From our Experience of trading and distribution of FMCG products, we have well-established links in the global market so we can source and distribute your products competitively. Our history, experience and connections in the wholesale distribution of packaged foods, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies at home and abroad makes DESCOUNLIMITED the distributor of choice for a number of prominent brands.

About Us

DESCOUNLIMITED has grown into one of the largest independent wholesalers , something we as a team are very proud of. With a wide range of domestic and foreign packaged foods, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, DESCOUNLIMITED focuses on retail organizations (such as stores, night shops, online platforms and supermarkets), (catering) wholesalers. The current range contains more than 3000 items, including all well-known brands, cheap alternatives and own imports. DESCOUNLIMITED distinguishes itself in: ° Fast deliveries ° Good service ° Good prices ° Reliability